Anne Vermaak | New SAGF CEO

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04 February 2019. SAGF welcomed its new CEO, Anne Vermaak on the 1st February 2019.

Anne has been involved in SAGF her whole life, starting off as an Artistic, Rhythmic and ultimately a World Games participant in Aerobic Gymnastics.

She is a qualified physiotherapist with a post-graduate MAP with WITS and has completed all the FIG Coaching Courses receiving her Brevet in Aerobic Gymnastics and lecturing on two courses for the FIG.

She serves on the FIG Disability working group and has experience in all sectors of gymnastics having been a manager at SAGF, served at both Provincial and District levels as well as club level. She is also the founder of The Ukuphumelela Trust a NPO & PBO dedicated to getting individuals to “move, learn, succeed”.

Anne believes that it is a human right to be able to take part in sport and for every South African to be able to reach their full potential through sport. Her aim is to bring the changes needed within SAGF that provide this opportunity including new and innovative ideas for Gymnastics to be a tool for change in South Africa. “I believe we have some exciting and challenging times ahead of us and I hope to see the whole Gymnastics fraternity working together towards a shared vision where we can see every member of society be healthy, active and reach their fullest potential using Gymnastics as the tool.”