Level 1 Academy for Trampoline Gymnastics

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Academy participants in South Africa.

The South African Gymnastics Federation hosted a Level 1 academy for Trampoline Gymnastics in Cape Town on April 6-13. Classes were held in the multi-discipline facility at the Everdal Gymnastics Club and the Eversdal Primary School.

Academies have been slow to begin this year because of the large number of Age Group camps and also because many academy experts are serving the FIG as administrators for judging courses around the world and many federations are focusing first on these judging courses. However, the bulk of academies will begin in June with a non-stop series for the rest of 2017.

This academy overlapped with an academy for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics under the license that South Africa has to conduct academies for those disciplines. The theory lectures were shared between the academies and the technical lectures were all held in the same facility. That became a challenge because with nearly 50 coaches for three disciplines, it was sometimes difficult to hear the instructors.

This academy was partially funded by the FIG Development Fund for the Zone 3 of the African Gymnastics Union. Twenty-seven trampoline coaches participated from four southern African FIG member federations – Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The course leader was Tammy Johnson of South Africa who is a physiotherapist and gymnastics coach and has served as an FIG expert at numerous academies. She taught all of the theory lectures except biomechanics. The two biomechanics lectures and the opening session were presented by Hardy Fink, Director of FIG Education & Academy Programs. He stayed two days following the introduction of the FIG Trampoline Age Group Development and Competition Program.

Sergio Lucas of Portugal taught all of the trampoline and DMT lectures. He served as an academy expert for the second time and had earned a coaching brevet in the first Level 3 academy for trampoline in 2010. He currently coaches in Switzerland and before that was in Australia, Egypt and Portugal.

Christophe Lambert of France took time from his busy schedule to attend for two days following the introduction of the trampoline age group program to teach the tumbling lectures. He is a member of the FIG Technical Committee for trampoline and the Technical Director for all gymnastics disciplines in France. He is also a member of the academy-working group that developed the curriculum and content of the Trampoline academies.

The examination at the end of the academy consisted of a two-part examination that includes a theory examination and a practical examination involving the teaching of a trampoline, DMT or tumbling skill. The results for the examination were mostly satisfactory to good for the participants, some of whom had not had much previous experience with Trampoline Gymnastics. The highest results were shared by Shirley Watson and Daniel Haasbroeck both of South Africa, followed by Riaan Swanepoel also of South Africa. Shirley Watson had in earlier years attended all three levels of academy for women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

We thank and congratulate the South Africa Gymnastics Federation and its President Elizabeth Cameron-Smith, who came to visit the academy on several occasions. Her staff and group of volunteers hosted this event very successfully. Executive Director Tseko Mogotsi who was formerly a top tumbler did most of the preliminary correspondence and organization along with SAGF administrator Mark Mkorongo who attended the academy to assure all needs were met.

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