SAGF collaborates with Boxing SA, 2017 Arnold Classic

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The SA Gymnastics will be showcasing three of it’s nine disciplines (Rope Skipping, Trampoline & Acrobatics) at this year’s 2017 Arnold Classic Africa. This world’s biggest multi-sport festival will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre,  5-7 May 2017.

However the South African Gymnastics Federation has added a new spin to the Rope Skipping competition which is to take place from the 06th May 2017, so SA Gymnastics will collaborate with Boxing South Africa (BSA) for the 2017 Arnold Classic Africa.

On the Saturday, Rope Skipping competition will have it’s Beginners competition to a Public competition where also the Boxers from Boxing SA will compete.

The competition will end with Advanced competition where there will be some really very interesting moves from Single Rope, Double Dutch, and world class demonstrations.

The collaboration with Boxing SA, will have boxers competing in the public competition at the following speed categories:

  • Single Rope Speed
  • Single Rope Criss-crosses
  • Single Rope Double unders

Rope skipping can assist in developing agility, coordination, and balance, not to mention improvements in cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

See below the Rope Skipping program…