Rope Skipping Schools Campaign Workshop, Gauteng

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A Rope Skipping schools campaign workshop recently took place at the Cathula Primary School, situated at Katlahongin Gauteng, on the 4th March 2017.

In a quest to grow Rope Skipping in the Gauteng Province, it was decided to target schools in the province that were interested in starting gymnastics as a sport.

The introductory workshop aimed to provide the necessary tools to the educators for them to successfully and confidently coach rope skipping to the learners at their schools.  A total of 31 schools attended this workshop with 60 participants present.

The schools involved selected gymnastics (in particular Rope Skipping) as their preferred code of sport for the 2017 school year.

Rope Skipping is the ideal sport for a schools for the following reasons:

  • Least amount of equipment required (all that is required is a rope)
  • Can be practiced on any concrete surface both indoors and outdoors
  • No specialized uniform is required (pupils to wear regular sports gear)
  • It is a fun activity allowing for expression
  • It is trendy and aligns to music and dance
  • Techniques of Rope Skipping can be taught in a shorter time frame
  • It allows for pupils to work in teams as well  as individuals

The South African Gymnastics Federation, using funding obtained from SRSA, donated ropes  to each of the schools so that they can commence with rolling out Rope Skipping (RS) in their schools.

Rope Skipping stimulates coordination, performance skills, creativity, rhythm, strength, speed and endurance.  Rope Skipping is for everyone …