Kayla Rondi to represent South Africa | 1st Junior Rhythmic Worlds

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18 July 2019. The 1st FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior World Championships begins from 19-21 July 2019, at the Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace in Moscow. For the first time ever, young gymnasts from 13 – 15 years old in the year of the event will be competing for the eight titles. With over 300 gymnasts and 60 nations, the worlds best junior gymnasts will make their mark in this 3 days competition.

South Africa will be represented by Kayla Rondi at this prestigious event, Kayla has worked very hard and always striving for excellence. This young gymnast at the 2018 14th African Championships CAIRO (EGY), finished 9th in the Individual All-Around Rank Final.


Team SA’s Kayla Rondi will compete at the following apparatus:

  • Rope
  • Ball
  • Clubs
  • Ribbon

The South African coach for the Junior World Champs will be Maureen Van Rooyen and Allison Beyers will be the judge.

SA Gymnastics wishes Kayla everything of the best as she is set to compete at this prestigious event.

1st Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior World Championships Schedule

July 19, Friday

09:00 RGI Qualification Rope and Ball alternatively

17:30 Opening ceremony

18:30 RGG General Competition 5 Hoops and 5 Ribbons alternatively

July 20, Saturday

09:00 RGI Qualification Clubs and Ribbon alternatively

18:30 RGG General Competition 5 Ribbons and 5 Hoops alternatively

21:00 Award ceremony RGG All-Around Ranking

Award ceremony RGI-RGG Team Ranking

July 21, Sunday

12:00 RGI Rope Final

12:35 RGI Ball Final

13:10 Award ceremony RGI Rope
Followed by Award ceremony RGI Ball

13:25 RGG 5 Hoops Final

14:10 Award ceremony RGG 5 Hoops

14:20 RGI Clubs Final

14:55 RGI Ribbon final

15:30 Award ceremony RGI Clubs
Award ceremony RGI Ribbon

15:45 RGG 5 Ribbons Final

16:30 Award ceremony RGG 5 Ribbons

16:45 Closing ceremony and Gala