SAGF Level 1 to 3 Workshop (MAG & WAG)

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The SAGF Level 1 to 3 Workshop for Men’s Artistic (MAG) and Women’s Artistic (WAG) took place on the 18th February 2017, in Pietermaritzburg Gymnastics Academy which is in KwaZulu Natal province.

The workshop had 2 facilitators namely Allan Chadwick and Louise Bamber, and there was a total of 63 coaches with as well 12 gymnasts who was there to demonstrate the skills. The workshop also included some support personnel, the people to assist with the workshop presentation such as presenters and technical (sport).

Therefore the MAG and WAG workshop had a total of 63 participants in overall, and this was a successful workshop.

Some of the aims for the workshop was to go over in detail coaching aspects of the MAG and WAG  such as routines, and the coaches really learned and gained a lot from the workshop; in return the teachers will go back into their clubs with more knowledge and skills to coach the MAG and WAG disciplines.