FIG Level 2 Academy a success | Trampoline & Artistic Gymnastics 2018

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15 January 2018. The South African Gymnastics Federation (SAGF) recently hosted the  Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique or International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Level 2 Academy for Trampoline and Artistic Gymnastics (MAG and WAG). This event was held at Matsport Center in Eldoraign, from the 07th – 14th January 2018.

The FIG Level 2 Academy for Trampoline and Artistic Gymnastics drew participants not only from South Africa,  but from other countries such as Nigeria and Hungary to mention a few. The Academy Program “has the goal to provide lesser developed, as well as highly developed gymnastics countries, with a common knowledge base for the development of high performance gymnasts.” This FIG Level 2 academy gave participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of coaching techniques, and ensure that their knowledge is in keeping with that of their overseas counterparts.

Over 50 coaches attended the FIG Level 2 Academy, however only coaches who successfully completed a Level 1 Academy and have obtained at least 60% in their Level 1 examination were eligible to participate in the examination. Coaches that did not pass their FIG Level 2 examination and would like to redo the academy were also eligible, and all coaches needed a valid SAGF membership to apply.

The FIG Level 2 Academy course was run by 3 FIG experts,one for each discipline. FIG Experts for Trampoline Gymnastics were Sergio Lucas (Portugal), Tammy Johnson (South Africa) and Christophe Lambert (France) who is a member of the FIG Technical Committee for trampoline, the Technical Director for all gymnastics disciplines in France and a member of the academy-working group that developed the curriculum and content of the Trampoline academies.

The FIG Artistic Gymnastics Experts both for Men’s and Women’s Artistic, were South Africa’s  Louis Fourie, Tammy Johnson and Derick Scholtz (course leader).

The course had both theoretical and practical component with attendees being required to present a portion of a gymnastics class as well as write a theory examination. In order to pass the Level 2 Academy course, participants are required to obtain a minimum of 60%.

SA Gymnastics would like to extend their thanks to all the facilitators who did a sterling job, and all participants who participated in this event and made sure that the FIG Level 2 academy was a success.