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Our Purpose Statement

We believe gymnastics is the key to a wholesome, healthy life for all people. This Foundation exists to support the SAGF in providing a better life for all South Africans through gymnastics and providing support and recognition to past, present and future participants in this sport of excellence.

Honorary Life President of the International World Games Association


The vision of the Foundation is to develop, promote, advocate and facilitate a broad base of interest, support, recognition, funding and participation for gymnastics in South Africa by providing expertise, networks, professional services and platforms complementary to services provided by SAGF on all levels of gymnastics and for people of all ages by promoting values that will advance the sport and its profile.


  • The Foundation seeks to advocate a broad base for participation in gymnastics, across cultural, racial, gender and other differences;
  • The Foundation values transformative approaches to gymnastics in the development of the sport and the people involved;
  • The Foundation values accountability, transparency and inclusivity in all practices of the sport and its governing bodies;
  • The Foundation values the development and continuous improvement of all disciplines of gymnastics through research, teaching, training and the forging of strong national and international relationships within the gymnastics environment, but also in the sporting fraternity at large;
  • The Foundation treasures building the values of friendship, enjoyment, tenacity, fair play, respect, excellence and balance through the sport of gymnastics.
  • The Foundation holds in high esteem all participants of the sport, whether as gymnasts, coaches, judges, administrators or supporters and the value they have added to the sport as well as honouring top performers of the sport.

Can you identify some of the legends from yesteryear?


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Foundation contact:

Gill Maloney, Foundation Administrator

Tel: +27 824447705

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