Gym for Life Contest a success | 2018 SA Gym Games

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11th October 2018. The Gym for Life contest took place at hall 29 on 04th October 2018 at Wits University in conjunction with the final date of Rhythmic Gymnastics nationals.

Nine Teams from four Provinces took part with 3-5 minutes team performances featuring Gym for All, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Rope Skipping, Aerobics and dancing.

To a great disappointment a traditional dance and tumbling team from North West and SAGF HUB Team from Northern Cape could not make it due to last minute cancellation of their transport which was subsidized by their provincial government.


The event received great support from not only about 500 spectators, but the visit of SAGF EXCO members and managers.

The teams received different level qualifications: Gold , Silver or Bronze. The contest is not a competition, but a grading where the result is based on 4 criteria:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Innovation and variety
  3. Technique and safety
  4. Overall Impression

Teams are  not compared to each other, rather are given an assessment and feed back on their display.

SAGF evaluators  did an excellent job and finalised the results in a very short amount of time to make sure, the contest was complete in one hour.

Many thanks for:

  • Barbara Murphy
  • Maureen van Rooyen
  • Caron Henry and
  • Sharon Miller

Gym for All TC and SAGF Development Manager (Marti Heri)  would love to thank the evaluators, all the teams and coaches for their hard work and wonderful performances. Huge thanks to Michelle Davids, member of Gymnaestrada Task Team for her dedication in the preparation and running of the event and her assistance with the follow up process.

Special thanks to the Rhythmic Gymnastics TC for accommodating GFA discipline at their venue and in their timetable.

It was  great event and a good opportunity for some of the teams who are hoping to get ready to attend the World Gymnaestrada to be held in Dornbirn, Austria in 2019.

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