A new functional fitness program | 4 X 4 Fitness is for All

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09 February 2018. SAGF has designed a new functional fitness program:

  • 4 age groups
  • 4 exercise types
  • 4 venues
  • 4 repetitions

The 4 x 4 fitness program is a fast way of keeping fit and takes less than 10 minutes / day for ANYONE – ANYWHERE – ANYHOW – ANY TIME!


Who? Where?
Primary school children (6-12 years)  In the class room / aftercare
Senior Phase / High School (13-18 years) At the school / sport field
Adults (19 – 49 years)  At the office/ outdoor leisure
Seniors (50+) At home / recreational facility


Do each activity for 30 seconds.

Once all 4 activities are complete, repeat the cycle 3 more times = 4 x 4


Any time of the day, whenever it suits you…It takes < 10  minutes!


SAGF calls the clubs/ schools/ community centres/ other institutions to use this program to promote fitness and health during:

  • Recreational gymnastics classes
  • Competitive gymnastics training as part of warm up or conditioning
  • Extramural activities for any sporting code
  • Physical education lessons
  • E. assessments (as part of CAPS’s curriculum for Life Orientation / Life Skills)
  • At home or at work
  • Weekends and holidays

You do not need a special occasion or event, just do your 4 x4 fitness routine to keep fit, get toned or burn fat in less than 10 minutes a day!

The official Annual 4X4 Fitness day is the 02nd Wednesday of March each year. #4By4Fitness!


Find all the activities for the different age groups here: 4X4 Fitness activities link

4 x 4 Fitness Challenge to also feature at the Arnold Classic Africa 2018, 18th May 2018 (Friday)

SA Gymnastics has been taking part in the Arnold Classic Competitions for 2 years.

We created an Open Day to promote gymnastics with the 4 x 4 Fitness and other exciting activities like music and dance, sequences for cognitive fitness, rope skipping fitness, skills stations.

Part of the open day the Fitness Challenge will give an opportunity for competition for Teams of 4 in different categories: Men/Women or Mixed Teams as well as a section for Teams for People with Special Needs (disability groups).

To spread the Arnold Classic “fever”, we call our fraternity to share the Fitness Challenge nationwide. (#4By4Fitness)


See below is the 4X4 Promo Video, let’s do this!