Rhythmic International Tournament 2016, Lisbon Portugal

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Date & Time

Wed 16 March 2016 - Sun 20 March 2016
All Day

A Rhythmic International Tournament takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, 16 – 20 March 2016.

South Africa will be represented by 2 senior gymnasts and 1 junior gymnast.

Shannon Gardiner and and Chris Marie van Wyk will participate as seniors, with Claurette Oosthuizen in the junior category.

This event precedes the FIG Lisbon Rhythmic World Cup.

Both senior girls have competed at the 12th African Gymnastics Championships in Pretoria in 2014, with Shannon also having participated at the Youth Olympic Games in China in 2014.

Also in attendance will be coach Nina Ervedosa and judge Annette Nel.

Best wishes to all!

Shannon Gardiner

Shannon Gardiner

Chris Marie van Wyk

Coach Nina Ervedosa and gymnast Chris Marie van Wyk