Rhythmic High Performance Training Camp

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Date & Time

Tue 30 June 2015 - Sat 4 July 2015
12:00 am

The Rhythmic Technical Committee will be organizing and hosting a high performance camp for our gymnasts who are in the high performance program in 2015. The exact details of this camp are still to be confirmed but below are some various arrangements that have already been made to assist you with your planning for next year.


  • Dates: 30th of June to 4th of July
  • Venue: Berario Recreation Centre, Dolores Ave, Berario
  • Duration: Over a period of 5 days (3 full days and 2 half days)
  • Facilitator: FIG expert to be confirmed, but likely to be Nadya Alexandrova


Marta Bobo will be there for the last 2 days.


  • Eligible gymnasts will be named early 2015 according to their ranking during Nationals 2014 starting from HP 3 only.
  • There will also be funding for this course and we will inform you close to the end of January how the funding will work.


HP Testing


The annual HP testing for 2015 will take place during this period at Berario Recreation

Centre. The testing will be incorporated into the cam program.

Testing for HP 1,HP 2 and any new gymnasts wishing to test in the higher HP levels for the first time or those not eligible to attend the camp, will be done within each province by the selected facilitators early in 2015. Further information regarding these tests will be coordinated and confirmed by Shalene Raath in January next year.