SA Gym For Life Challenge 2012

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Date & Time

Thu 5 July 2012 - Sun 8 July 2012
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

About the Gym for Life Challenge

The event is a contest between groups from across South Africa, with each group consisting of either less than 20 or over 20 participants per group, with or without apparatus. Each group will incorporate gymnastic movement and dance choreography displayed to a specific theme, resulting in entertaining and aesthetically pleasing performances. The group performances are evaluated by a panel of industry experts, grading the groups into bronze, silver or gold categories. The gold performances further compete in a Gala Evening where the South Africa Champion will ultimately be crowned.


The concept has been embraced by clubs and communities all over South Africa, and Cape Town is no acceptation. Of the 500 participants taking part in the challenge from across South Africa, 160 from the Official 2013 World Gym for Life Challenge Community Legacy Programme have qualified to take part in this event.

The Legacy Programme, which was initiated in May 2011, and is run by the South African Gymnastics Federation and the City of Cape Town, has touched 6 Districts; 14 Communities; and 6 Mentors; with 210 Community leaders trained weekly and over 1000 participants weekly.

Reports from the ground tell of children who have become more disciplined, well behaved and more attentive at school. The programme has also given employment to young community leaders, giving them the confidence to take on the world. Beyond this event, the participants of this community programme will also participate in the 2013 World Gym for Life Challenge which takes place in July 2013 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Launch of the 2nd World Gym for Life Challenge 2013

The City of Cape Town and SAGF were awarded the bid to host the 2nd World Gym for Life Challenge from 10 – 14 July in  2013. The South Africa Gym for Life Challenge is thus a qualifier for this international contest.

In addition, the 1st SA Gym for Life Challenge is the test event leading up to next year’s 2nd World Gym for Life Challenge.

The official launch of the 2nd World Gym for Life Challenge will commence after the Gala Evening, with the Deputy Minister of Sport, Mr Gert Oosthuizen provisionally scheduled to launch the 2013 event.