General Leader (GL) Course 2016, Central Gauteng

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Date & Time

Sat 5 March 2016 - Sun 6 March 2016
All Day

A GL Course is scheduled to take place in  Johannesburg, 5-6 March 2016.

The Gymnastics Leader Course is for beginner coaches across all gymnastic disciplines, who would like to coach at a Club level. If you would like to coach gymnastics at an SAGF Affiliated club, you must be at least GL accredited.

There are Elementary workshops which are for teachers (and other coaches) who have NO prior exposure to gymnastics. This entitles them to start coaching schools gymnastics. If more formal coaching qualifications are then required, i.e. to be able to coach in the Federation structures, these coaches can thereafter progress to the GL course.

The Level 1 course can only be carried out if you have a GL qualification.

Contact your Provincial Administrator to place yourself on the course.