Artistic World Challenge Cup 2016, Germany

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Date & Time

Thu 31 March 2016 - Sun 3 April 2016
All Day

An FIG World Challenge Cup called the 40th “TURNIER DER MEISTER”

will take place in Cottbus, Germany, 31st March – 03rd April 2016.

This event will see participation from Artistic Men and Artistic Women.

Gymnasts selected to represent South Africa at this event are:

Artistic Women: Angela Maguire

Artistic Men: Tiaan Grobler, Tabo Mkandiwire, Cameron MacKenzie

Officials also in attendance at this event will be:

Gerhard Ferreira, Mariolize Bakker & Robert Liefeldt

Best wishes to those participating.

Angela Maguire

Angela Maguire

Thabo Mkandawire

Thabo Mkandawire

getty images2

Cameron MacKenzie

Tiaan Grobler