22nd Trampoline World Age Group Competition 2013, Sofia

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Date & Time

Thu 14 November 2013 - Sun 17 November 2013
All Day

The 22nd World Age Group Competitions (WAGC) in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline take place at the Armeec Arena, in Sofia (BUL) , 14-17 November 2013.

There will be around 800 competitors from 47 countries taking part in the juniors’ equivalent of the World Championships, which spans all Trampoline disciplines, Individual and Synchronised Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline (DMT) and Tumbling, in four age groups: 11-12 years, 13-14 years, 15-16 years and 17-18 years.

12 South African Gymnasts have been selected to take part at this competition, with these being our future stars in the sport of Trampoline.

See below attachment for names of those participating.





Unfortunately no gymnast was able to make a final. The positions attained below were those achieved during Qualifications rounds.

Full sets of results can be found in attachments below.

Individual Trampoline


Danielle van der Poll (11-12 year): Position 38th

Candice van Rooyen (15 – 16 year): Position 71th


Hein Swanepoel (11-12 year): Position 44th

Luka Angileri (11-12 year): Position 60th

Chezwinn Tim (17-18 year): Position 37th

Syncronized Trampoline


Hein Swanepoel and Luka Angileri (11-12 year): Position 12th



Boitshoko Rachidi (15-16 year): Position 25th

Double Mini


Dinelle van der Poll (11-12 year): Position 12th

Candice van Rooyen (15-16 year): Position 13th

Michaela Mentz (15-16 year): Postioin 19th


Dillin Heathcote (11-12 year): Position 12th

Hein Swanepoel (11-12 year): Position 18th

Luka Angileri (11-12 year): Position 24th

Siphamandla Baku (15-16 year): Position 25th

Brendon van Niekerk (15-16 year): Position 26th

Juan Swanepoel (15-16 year): Position 27th

Chezwinn Tim (17-18 year): Position 11th

John Ferreira (17-18 year): Position 12th