SAGF hosts School Representatives Training | Kempton Park 2018

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The SAGF School Representatives Training was held in Kempton Park on 24-25 February 2018.


09 March 2018. SAGF Development is responsible for growth and transformation in the federation. This incorporates introducing more people to gymnastics, creating more recreational and educational programs, ensuring the implementation of gymnastics through education, training and events. In preparation and since the SAGF Development Indaba the following resolutions came in place:

  • The most important aspect of development starts with programs that are geared towards physical education and fundamental movement programs and recreational + competitive gymnastics programs in SCHOOLS.
  • There is no longer separate school’s gymnastics committee, school sport is incorporated into the provincial gymnastics associations.
  • School Representatives were elected in the 9 provinces by school districts. The person coordinating school gymnastics for the province is a practicing active teacher, who invited and consulted by provincial federation to plan and implement SAGF development strategy


SAGF Development Manager, Marti Heri summarised the outcomes and resolutions of Development Indaba held in October 2017.

  1. A review of school gymnastics was prepared by all 9 schools representatives with key achievements, challenges, recommendations and statistics collated by Marti from each province.
  2. All new development programs:
  • Fitness 4 x 4 Program (4 age groups x 4 activity types)
  • Fundamental Movement skills cards (10 cards x 10 skills)
  • Team X prescribed sequences were introduced, promotional packs were distributed


  1. An overview and objectives with learning materials of SAGF Elementary Education and Training programs, such as:
  • Fundamental Movement (FUN MOVE) workshop schedule and activity guide
  • Team X workshops program and workshop schedule
  • New Gymnastics Leader Course objectives were presented on overview of slide shows with sample documents and videos
  • International training: FIG Foundation Course and FIG Group Performance Course outcomes and plan was discussed


  1. All representatives were asked to draw a map of their province with the role players and stakeholders in each of their districts, then we took a “Tour” in SA Schools Development. It was a very informative session.


SAGF Vice-President, Donny Jurgens, the lead facilitator of the event involved the participants in identifying their stakeholders, understand the roles and responsibilities of coordinators, realize the importance of team work and communication.

  • Understanding the strategic plan of SAGF and concept of development and its different components
  • Identification of the role players in the province and districts to establish a development forum
  • Building a strategy for the next quadrennial to ensure the implementation of SAGF Growth Plan
  • Setting of timeline and action plan for school gymnastics and development projects in 2018-2019


A SCHOOLS FORUM activated with the focus on:

  1. Registration of more institution and more people and inclusion of disability
  2. Implementation of new SAGF programs through promotion, training workshops and activation in schools P.E. curriculum
  3. Empowerment of school representatives with further training: more facilitators for elementary courses and workshops, capacitate a mentoring system for and in HUBs
  4. Improve a strategy for more access, more resources through interactive communication to provincial and district stakeholders: for logistical support, sponsorship in value in kind, tap into available funds to become more self-sustainable
  5. It is a team work with the sharing the vision


SAGF would like to thank:

  • The 9 provincial representatives for their hard work in developing gymnastics in their respective provinces.
  • The facilitators for their goal specific planning and making the training fun.
  • SAGF staff members for the organizational and logistical support


Special thanks for SRSA for funding to make the event possible.


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