Gymnastics at Arnold Classic Africa 2018 | #ACAfrica2018

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18 May 2018. The prestigious Arnold Classic Africa event will be taking place in Sandton Convention Centre, Johanesburg this weekend from 18-20 May 2018 under the leadership of Marti Heri (SAGF Development Manager) and Pamela Mudley (Marketing  Consultant).


Gymnastics is going big this year and is involving nearly 500 participants in several events.  The events range from interactive workshops, demonstrations, fitness challenges, competitions to events focussing on the development of new leaders in the Team X  programme.


TEAM X Course: To ​train​ teachers and facilitators to learn new prescribed routines with music which can be used for​:

  • Promotion of gymnastics and displays
  • Physical education classes for health and fitness or sequencing
  • Recreational programs
  • School competitions for teams
  • Gym for life competitions
  • Disability programs


20 teachers / coaches from 9 provinces including 6 disability schools will take part in this training course.


Rope Skipping Competitions: With individual and team events for speed, free style and group performances.

  • Some of our high performance athletes in preparation of World Jump Rope Championships ​to be ​held in USA in July are part of this event
  • There will also be final practical assessment of  ​an Advanced Coaches Training Course, and close to about 17 participants ​scheduled to receive international ​certificate.


A​rnold ​C​lassic​ Open Day:


  • Friday morning: 2 disability  schools and 2 ordinary schools ​and teachers ​from Gauteng take part in an integrated practical workshop to learn some prescribed sequences with music and to be introduced to basic skills and fitness program with skipping ropes.


  • Friday afternoon: Public health and fitness demo sessions and fitness challenge for teams of 4 ​will take place with the assistance of student volunteers from ETA  Johannesburg Campus.


  • School ​gymnastics ​competitions:  For artistic gymnastics and aerobic gymnastics for over 12 schools with 150 children  will be the program on Sunday.​ Gymnastics displays and performances given by teachers and disability schools ​will brighten the competitions between the sessions.


​​​Come and join SAGF this weekend to celebrate gymnastics!

More info: 2018 Arnold Classic Africa