Arnold Classic Africa 2018 | Gymnastics

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Aerobic gymnasts in action | #ACAfrica2018

25 May 2018. The prestigious Arnold Classic Africa 2018 event took place in Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg from 18th – 20th May 2018.


Gymnastics was represented with over 500 participants in multiple events ranged from interactive workshops, open day demonstrations, fitness challenge and competitions for schools. The main focus this year was on the development of leaders in the new Team X program and rope skipping coaches course with the inclusion of disability schools and teachers.


Friday, 18 May

Team X | ACAfrica2018

TEAM X Course Facilitators Training ​ 20 teachers from all 9 provinces including 7 teachers from special schools were capacitated to learn new prescribed routines with music which can be used for​:

  • Promotion of gymnastics and displays
  • Physical education classes for health and fitness
  • Recreational programs
  • School competitions for teams
  • Gym For Life competitions
  • Disability programs


Open Day: 2 disability and 2 main stream schools with 60 learners and 8 teachers participated in TEAM X and Rope Skipping workshop to learn basic skills and routines with music.

A fitness workshop and 4 x 4 fitness challenge for public participants with the enthusiastic participation of David ‘The Skipping Champ’, his team and international guests from the Nigerian Rope Skipping Federation.


Saturday, 19 May

Jump Rope Double Dutch Speed | ACAfrica2018

 Rope Skipping Competition individual and team events for speed, free style and group performances took over not only the floor, but the hall with more than 200 participants. Some of our high-performance athletes in preparation of World Champs ​to be ​held in USA in July were part of this event.


World Jump Rope Federation

​WJRF expert Elizabeth Way, facilitated a practical workshop and assessment of  ​an International Coaches Training Course after an online training series, which commenced on 24 April​. Selected participants from around SA and several from Nigeria attended the training and those completed received their international ​certificates.



Sunday, 20 May 2018

Artistic Gymnastics | ACAfrica2018

 School ​gymnastics ​competitions for artistic girls and boys gymnastics and aerobic gymnastics was the main program on Sunday with over 12 school and nearly 200 learners and teachers.​

One of the highlight of the event were the gymnastics displays and performances given by teachers and disability schools ​from the Friday open day workshops, which created and good vibe between the sessions.


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