2017 SA National Schools Championships | Gauteng Province

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SAGF has been designated to plan and conduct the 2017 National School Games event for the code of gymnastics, this annual School Games event is an initiative by SRSA and has schools from all 9 provinces competing in over 16 codes of sport.

This 3 day event takes place in Gauteng this year.

SAGF will host the gymnastics competition  which has approximately 540 pupils representing all 9 provinces and about 100 teachers that will participate in this 3 day event.

In addition to the competition, SA Gymnastics is using this opportunity to further capacitate the teachers so that they continue to teach gymnastics at their schools, promoting health and fitness.

SAGF will host a series of workshops for both pupils and teachers, focusing on different aspects of skills and techniques and overall fitness routines.

The workshops have been designed by SAGF Development Manager (Marti Heri) who will launch this new Fitness Fundamentals Program to the teachers, this fun and energetic program will be able to resonate with these teachers who are already convinced on the role on fitness and health in the development of the child.

The competition itself will be a robust one with each province competing to take the title of overall winner – the finals of the competition will be hosted on the Wed 13th December 2017.

The competition commences on Monday 11th December 2017, will be hosted at the Matsport Center in Eldoraign.

SAGF encourages attendance of spectators, more info: SA Schools National Championships

Please download below is the Report for this event, compiled by Marti Heri (SAGF Development Manager)