Virtual National Competition 2020 | Skills Test 2020 | Update

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A reminder that the entries for the Virtual national competition close on 18 November (Wednesday). Gymnasts do not have to do all routines – only the ones that they are ready with.

For the virtual Gym for Life Challenge the closing date is 25 November and videos need to be uploaded by 30 November. Once you have entered online you will be sent the link to upload (and details on how to upload) your videos by the 25th November.

Judges who wish to judge are reminded to please enter your details online on the SAGF Management system.

A reminder that the National Skills tests entries are open till the 25th November.

This is an easy to implement Skill testing (3 levels) for your recreational gymnasts, that you can use for an end of year testing or similar event.

All entries are done online on the SAGF Management system.