SAGF Development Indaba, 2017

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Development Forum 2017

25 October 2017. SAGF Development Indaba was held at SASCOC Olympic House on 21-22 October 2017.

SAGF Development is responsible for growth and transformation in the federation. This incorporates introducing more people to gymnastics, creating more recreational and educational programs, ensuring the implementation of gymnastics through education, training and events.

The new Development Manager, Marti Heri introduced SAGF Development Plan and its components. Donny Jurgens (SAGF Vice President), the lead facilitator of the event involved the participants in reviewing the current structure with the assistance of Allan Chadwick (SAGF Technical Manager). Marti Heri, Tseko Mogotsi (SAGF CEO) and Elizabeth Cameron Smith (SAGF President) lead interactive group discussions with a huge input from the provincial and technical representatives with the following outcomes:

  1. Understanding the concept of development and its different components
  2. SWOT analysis of SAGF with the focus on growth
  3. Identification of the role players for the establishment of SAGF Development Forum
  4. Building a strategy for the next quadrennial to ensure the implementation of SAGF Growth Plan
  5. Listing of roles and responsibilities of all involved in development
  6. Setting of timeline and action plan for development projects identified for 2018-2022

The following stakeholders from SAGF attended the SAGF Development Indaba:

  •  9 Iincoming Provincial Schools Representatives
  •  3 Members of current Schools Gymnastics Committee
  • 8 Representatives of each Technical Committee for development
  • 2 Members of Gymnastics for All TC
  • 3 SAGF executive members and
  • 3 SAGF staff members

A new development forum was established with the focus on:

  1. Registration of more institution and more people and inclusion of disability
  2. Renewal of existing programs and creation of new products for fundamental movement, fitness tests, awards schemes.
  3. Revision of SAGF education and training system to  simplify the assessments, modernize the resources to be availbale online, to empower more facilitators for courses and workshops and  capacitatae a mentoring system
  4. Create a strategy for more access, more resources and find financial support in the provinces and disctricts to become more self-sustainable

It is a team work with the same vision:

MORE People, Programs, Training & Resources.

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