SAGF CEO at the Inaugural FIG Leadership Forum | Saint Peterburg, 2019

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From Left: Jaqueline Weatherill (Womens Commission President) with Anne Vermaak (SAGF CEO) and Gabriela Mueller Mendoza.

07 May 2019. SAGF CEO Anne Vermaak has just attended the inaugural International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Leadership Forum for Women in Saint Peterburg, Russia. This is following the decision made by the FIG to institute a quota of 30% female leadership on all its committees in the next elections, showing their commitment to working towards gender equality in gymnastics leadership.

The women were lead by IOC coach Gabriela Mueller Mendoza in a two day workshop that saw them understanding themselves and others and giving them skills to improve their confidence, networking and presentation skills. It was a wonderful opportunity for Anne to be one of five African representatives on the Forum.