Limpopo hosts GL Facilitators Training | Northern Zone

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17 April 2018. The new GL Learning Material and a new concept of hands on practical content was introduced with the  New GL Course held in Limpopo on 14th -15th April 2018.

The opportunity of the GL Course was used for Limpopo Province to train provincial facilitators and co-facilitators for not only Limpopo Province, but for other 3 provinces from the Northern Zone. Marti Heri (SAGF Development Manager) and Alta Lategan (ETD Task Team member) and Provincial Coach Developer for North West set up criteria’s and categories for the GL Facilitators as follows:


  • Minimum qualification FIG Foundation Course or FIG Level 1
  • SAGF Facilitator Training Course or a minimum of 4 years experience in conducting workshops
  • Active invlvement and leadership role in the province / district as a coach or schools program coordinator


16 Facilitators in training participants were then identified in consultation of the provincial associations.

  • Limpopo: 7 participants (as hosting province)
  • Gauteng: 4 participants
  • Mpumalanga: 3 participants
  • North West; 2 participants + lead facilitator


There wes 40 candidates attending the GL Coaches Training from Limpopo, there was also a big representation from schools. With the active mentoring role of the 14 facilitators in training (most of them from school structures), it was managed to give the group of teacher’s extra support.


The facilitators in training each were given a minimum of 1 session to plan and deliver, which gave the course participants a wide variety of activities and delivery styles and provided a good opportunity for the facilitators in training to gain experience and feed-back.


Many thanks to Zani’s Gymnastics Academy and Limpopo Province, to host and organise the event.







See full report below for download…