Gymnastics goes online for good physical and mental health to stay safe and positive

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Gymnastics South Africa set to keep South Africa moving.

 The South African Gymnastics Federation (SAGF) today introduces a couple of new online initiatives aimed at keeping South Africans active during the isolation period currently facing the country and the world. The Home Gym Challenge will see the federation sharing daily easy-to-do exercise videos on its social media platforms for all South Africans to learn new skills, keep fit and challenge body and mind

The federation is also introducing two online offerings, free of charge to all registered gymnastics clubs in the country. Gymnastics SA Club Connect is an online hub, hosted on Facebook, where all registered clubs can access useful resources and information during this time of crisis. Together with Club Connect, the SAGF is also introducing Business Accelerator, an online portal where all registered clubs can access learning tools. These tools aim to help clubs to design a business plan, manage risk, safeguard their finances and grow their club. Over 36 mini courses are available on the Business Accelerator portal, each covering a specific topic of interest to SA Gym Club Owners.

“We’re very excited to offer South Africans a host of new online tools, including daily exercise videos,” says Anne Vermaak, CEO of SAGF. “Our Home Gym Challenge is a very basic, easy-to-do daily exercise regime hosted by Marti Heri, Education and Training Specialist and Movement Therapist from Gymnastics South Africa. We hope that children and adults will join us on Facebook and Instagram and participate in the 20-minute exercises.”

“This period is a challenge for all sports federations, but at the same time this is an opportunity for us to take gymnastics into the homes of people all across South Africa. These initiatives will stand us in good stead when we beat this virus,” adds Donny Jurgens, Acting President of SAGF.

There is no need for special equipment and all exercises could be completed in a small space. The sessions also incorporate counting, sequencing and cross over the midline thinking activities to challenge the brain through fun. The exercises will remain on the SAGF Facebook page, with new content added daily.

“There is much more to gymnastics than just the competitive version,” says Marti Heri. “We believe gymnastics is a wonderful tool to develop fundamental movement patterns and physical literacy. With our Home Gym Challenge, we will put in practice the full ABC of movement, including agility, balance and coordination. Even though the Home Gym Challenge is aimed at young children, we encourage the entire family to get involved and start training with us.”

To follow the daily Home Gym Challenge, simply Like and Follow the SA Gymnastics’ Facebook page. The links will also be shared on the federation’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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