Donna Abrahams makes her 1st Handstand | WC GL Course 2018

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Donna Abrahams

13 March 2018. The Western Cape Gymnastics Association (WCGA) recently held it’s Gymnastics Leader (GL) course, the GL course began from  the 11th – 12th March 2018; Cape Town. Gymnastics coaches from around Western Cape coming from different gymnastics disciplines attended the GL Course.

The GL Course included Donna Abrahams, she was the 1st and only course facilitator with disability. Donna lost her right hand before she was born.

“I really just want people to know that nothing is impossible” she said. Donna remains proof that Gymnastics is for all, even those with disability can still partake in gymnastics.

Donna told SA Gymnastics that “My motto is that, just because I do things slightly differently, it does not mean that I have not achieved my goal”

“I am so blessed to have had so much awesome support” she said with laughter.


Watch below is Donna’s 1st Handstand, indeed nothing is impossible!