4X4 Fitness Day | Wednesday, 13th March 2019

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05 March 2019. SAGF has designed a new functional fitness program:

  • 4 age groups
  • 4 exercise types
  • 4 venues
  • 4 repetitions

13th March 2019 is the Day! The 4 x 4 fitness program (#4By4Fitness) is a fast way of keeping fit and takes less than 10 minutes / day for ANYONE – ANYWHERE – ANYHOW – ANY TIME!


Who? Where?
Primary school children (6-12 years)  In the class room / aftercare
Senior Phase / High School (13-18 years) At the school / sport field
Adults (19 – 49 years)  At the office/ outdoor leisure
Seniors (50+) At home / recreational facility


Do each activity for 30 seconds.

Once all 4 activities are complete, repeat the cycle 3 more times = 4 x 4


Any time of the day, whenever it suits you…It takes < 10  minutes!


SAGF calls the clubs/ schools/ community centres/ other institutions to use this program to promote fitness and health during:

  • Recreational gymnastics classes
  • Competitive gymnastics training as part of warm up or conditioning
  • Extramural activities for any sporting code
  • Physical education lessons
  • E. assessments (as part of CAPS’s curriculum for Life Orientation / Life Skills)
  • At home or at work
  • Weekends and holidays

You do not need a special occasion or event, just do your 4 x4 fitness routine to keep fit, get toned or burn fat in less than 10 minutes a day!

The official Annual 4X4 Fitness day this year is the 13th March 2019.


Find all the activities for the different age groups here: 4X4 Fitness activities link


See below is the 4X4 Promo Video, let’s do this!